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Hernia repair with absorbable mesh

Hernia repair with absorbable mesh

Hernias, if not treated in time, can lead to serious complications. More than a million hernia repairs are performed each year in the United States, most of them using mesh. Now more centers offer natural not permanent  mesh options, including Dr. Arevalo, who provides his patients this alternative that can mean several benefits.

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What are my hernia repair options?

Mesh Hernia Repair

Hernia mesh is a medical device that provides support to damaged tissue around hernias, by using mesh the chance of another hernia is lower.  Options include permanent and absorbable mesh. Absorbable mesh is made from natural material and works as a scaffold with your body to rebuild tissue. As you heal, the mesh dissolves, leaving good and  healthy strong tissue behind with no foreign material.

Non-mesh or dissolvable mesh hernia surgery

Even though mesh hernia repair is the medical standard, sometimes it is not always recommended and  the use of mesh depends on each case. In fact, non mesh hernia repair is an alternative that has become popular in recent years by closing the hernia defect only with sutures.

One of the problems is that hernia recurrence rate increases if  mesh is not used. In patients, that mesh is necessarily needed, a dissolvable mesh that offers all the benefits of mesh  is recommended. This mesh alternative can potentially benefit patients with high risk factors for post operative complications  and it can also be used in childbearing age patients with medium size hernias avoiding a permanent material that could impact future pregnancies.

Dr. Arevalo has extensive experience in alternatives to permanent mesh hernia repair in Texas and offers his patients the best technology available.

What to expect during & after a non mesh or absorbable Mesh hernia repair procedure

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This will depend on the complexity of your procedure and the  hernia repair   technique that was utilized, either open repair, laparoscopic repair, or robotic repair. Robotic surgery is preferred for must hernias as it is much  kinder to the body and there will be less pain and a faster recovery; for small defects open surgery with no mesh is possible with excellent outcomes.

Hernia repair recovery time

Hernia repair recovery time may vary according to each case. You are encouraged to walk and climb stairs after surgery. If absorbable mesh was used during your repair, it  will not affect the post-operative recommendations.

What is an alternative to mesh for hernia?

With today's technology, there are more options for your hernia repair. Absorbable mesh, has proven to be a reliable choice for hernia repair with clinically proven benefits. 

Dr. Arevalo is performing no mesh or absorbable mesh hernia repair in Houston. If you still have any questions or want to know what type of repair is the most suitable for you, you can ask Dr. Arevalo through its website or by calling the number 281-351-5409.

Absorbable Mesh FAQ

What is an absorbable mesh?

It is a scaffold or frame that allows for tissue integration and generation, providing support to the weakened and damaged tissue. The scaffold will dissolve, leaving the good healthy tissue behind.

How long does absorbable mesh last?

Absorbable mesh duration varies from 2 months to 36 months. Depending on your hernia characteristics, your hernia expert surgeon will advise you on which fits better to your needs. We use the most biocompatible mesh available, and this has a full resorption of 18 months.

What is absorbable mesh made of?

 Is made from natural materials and as you heal, the mesh gradually transforms into water and carbon dioxide co2, which is what we exhale. Bioabsorbale mesh has very good clinical outcomes when used properly.

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