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Dr. Gabriel Arevalo
  • Board Certification: Diplomate of the American Board of Surgery
  • Fellowship Certification: Society of American Gastrointestinal and Endoscopic Surgeons.

  • Fellowship: University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center

  • Residency: St. Vincent Hospital, Robotic Epicenter. Indianapolis In.

  • Medical School: Universidad Evangelica of El Salvador

  • Educational Commission of Foreign Medical Graduates Certified
Gabriel Arevalo MD is the Chief of the Surgery Department at Houston Methodist Willowbrook and the Medical Director for the advanced Hernia program at Houston Methodist. He specializes in specializing in complex hernia repairs and advanced gastrointestinal surgery. He currently holds a national leadership role as a member of the HERNIA TASK FORCE of the Society of American Gastrointestinal Endoscopic Surgeons.

Dr. Arevalo focuses on gastroesophageal reflux disease, gallbladder disease, diaphragm dysfunction. He also does endoscopic treatments for achalasia and gastroparesis.

In addition to operating, he has distinguished himself by his valuable contributions in research for improvements in hernia repair, gastroesophageal reflux disease, robotic surgery, and endoscopy. 

He has authored several publications and invited commentaries to some of the most influential gastrointestinal journals in the world. He frequently presents at national and international surgical meetings.

Dr. Arevalo's Articles
Dr. Arevalo earned his medical degree at the University Evangelica of El Salvador. He returned to the United States and completed his residency at a ROBOTIC TRAINING EPICENTER for general surgery at St. Vincent Hospital in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Continuing his commitment to be at the forefront of advanced surgical care, he finished his fellowship at the prestigious University Hospital Cleveland Medical Center, learning from world renowned surgeons in the field of hernia surgery, bariatric surgery, robotics, and endoscopy.

He was a faculty for the department of surgery at Case Western Reserve University prior to his move to Houston.

Dr. Arevalo is a voluntary faculty at the Texas A&M School of Medicine and an active reviewer for scientific journals.


I had a very good visit with Dr. Arevalo. I had an issue with a hernia, he explained in detail on the type of hernia and what to expect during surgery.

After surgery, my recovery has been very good. My incisions were small and allowed for quick recovery.
- D. Modh



Dr. Arevalo is a great doctor and a skilled surgeon. He has a great attitude towards his patients. He took the time to clearly explain what needed to be done, and why, and answered all my questions.

I met with him on Tuesday for my consultation and he was able to schedule my operation for Thursday. I was up and walking the same day and was able to go on a flight to start my vacation on Saturday.

I felt minimal discomfort after the surgery and only for the first couple of days. I'm very happy Dr. Arevalo is my doctor and would recommend him without hesitation.
- Christopher Voltz



Dr. Arevalo did a great job on my husband who had a dead gallbladder. He took it out robotically and he came to see how he was doing every day while in the hospital.

I can’t say enough about him or the practice. They are very professional in the office and always willing to help. He is a Godsend. I hope he never leaves the Tomball area!
- Shelley England



Dr. Arevalo saved my life! First, he accurately diagnosed my condition from the CT scan that the Radiologist failed to catch.

He determined that I needed emergency surgery and performed the surgery on a Saturday night that stretched into the wee hours of Sunday morning. Afterward, he visited me in the hospital every day and clearly communicated what I needed to do to recover.

I will be forever grateful to Dr. Arevalo for his expert care and dedication!
- Suzie Engelskirchen



Dr. Arevalo performed hernia surgery. He prepared me well with what to expect. and the procedure and recovery were easier than expected. Walking immediately after and driving and doing stairs the next day.

During the post Exam, Dr. Gabriel showed me the pictures of the extensive repair work that he accomplished.
- Linda Steiner – Mar 12, 2020


"I had a very large abdominal hernia that occupied all of the space between my sternum and pelvis. I was able to look down and see my food being digested just under the skin. Dr. Arevalo spent over 7 hours reconstructing my abdomen which left a 19 1/2" incision.

One side of my abdomen had no muscle to attach to the mesh, so he took muscle from the rib cage to secure the mesh. I now have a very sturdy support system for all my organs. Wow!
- Mary Bryan – Mar 10, 2020



After four pregnancies and my last two being back to back, I developed an umbilical hernia. It interfered with my daily activities and I could not even pick up my baby.

It was very discouraging, that I was limited to simple activities. It was taking a toll on my health and my weight was also at my highest.

I was recommended to Dr. Arevalo and from the beginning, he was very courteous, professional, and attentive. From the beginning to the end, everything went smoothly. My surgery was also quick and I was discharged the next day.

I recommend Dr. Arevalo for anyone who might be going through the same, you will not be disappointed. At my follow up appointment, I looked like a new person. I went down a pant size but most importantly, I did not have that painful bulge on my stomach and I could see my feet again. Thank you, Dr. Arevalo, and your wonderful staff!!!!!
- Angelica Ramos – Oct 29, 2019



Doctor really cares. He tells ahead of time about what he is going to do. He consults with my husband ahead of time.

He is very polite and good looking too. My pain of acid reflux is gone. I feel so thankful to have found him as my doctor.
- Lorena Rodgers in Magnolia, TX – Mar 28, 2019 



Dr. Arevalo is knowledgeable, professional, friendly, and most importantly a skilled surgeon. I first saw Dr. Arevalo after a Gallbladder Removal Surgery in Austin, Texas by another Surgeon had some complications.

I was in excruciating pain for 5 days and saw no end in sight until Dr. Arevalo saw an abnormality on my CT scan. 5 different doctors and Surgeons were working on my case at the time, but he was the only one able to see the abnormality and got me into surgery that night completely relieving me of the pain I was in.

Dr. Arevalo’s attention to detail and surgical skill is something that no patient should go without.
- Frank H. – Nov 08, 2019



The first Dr. that looked at my incisional hernia said it was too big for him and couldn't do it. He recommended Dr. Arevalo.

I saw Dr. Arevalo and he strongly felt he could do the complete repair robotically even as large as it was... He did and I absolutely had not one problem from surgery on. My stomach appearance was amazing from the first day on... I have had his two weeks follow up and good to go.

I certainly recommend you consult with Dr. Arevalo and feel better about your needed repair.
- John E. Walthour – Aug 15, 2019 

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