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Dr. Gabriel Arevalo is a surgeon in Houston,Tx. with advanced certifications in Robotic Surgery & Endoscopy for the treatment of gastrointestinal conditions, including Acid reflux and GERD, Hiatal Hernias, gastroparesis, achalasia gallbladder and Hernia surgery: Inguinal, Umbilical, Ventral and Abdominal Wall Reconstruction.
He is among the few physicians in Houston to perform: Robotic and open advanced hernia repairs for large and MASSIVE hernias. Endoscopic treatments for heartburn / acid reflux , achalasia and gastroparesis referred to as TIF, POEM & POP. Diaphragm pacing for diaphragm dysfunction.

Robotic Hernia repair

Non inflammatory & absorbable mesh

Hernia Repair tecnique
Robotic technology

How to pick a Hernia Surgeon?

If you have a hernia that needs to be repaired, it is critical to decide who your surgeon should be. While hernia surgery is one of the most common surgeries performed around the world, complications can arise. Dr. Arevalo, an American Board of Surgery Certified, is among the few physicians in Houston, Texas, with an advanced training in hernia surgery and has performed hundreds of robotic and open advanced hernia repairs for all types of hernias.

Hernia patients reviews

  • Dr Arevalo saved my life! First, he accurately diagnosed my condition from the CT scan that the Radiologist failed to catch. He determined that I needed emergency surgery and performed the surgery on a Saturday night that stretched into the wee hours of Sunday morning. Afterward, he visited me in the hospital every day and clearly communicated what I needed to do to recover. I will be forever grateful to Dr Arevalo for his expert care and dedication!
    - Suzie Engelskirchen
  • Doctor really cares. He tells ahead of time about what he is going to do. He consults with my husband ahead of time. He is very polite and good looking too. My pain of acid reflux is gone. I feel so thankful to have found him as my doctor. 
    - Lorena Sue Rodgers
  • The first Dr. that looked at my incisional hernia said it was too big for him and couldn't do it. He recommended Dr. Arevalo. I saw Dr. Arevalo and he strongly felt he could do the complete repair robotically even as large as it was.. He did and I absolutely had not one problem from surgery on. My stomach appearance was amazing from the first day on.. I have had his two weeks follow up and good to go. I certainly recommend you consult with Dr. Arevalo and feel better about your needed repair.
    - John E. Walthour
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